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By using the pattern from here, I want to check while a user fills in the #id_phone text input field, if it is matching to the pattern, use the value of #id_phone to fill #id_new_phone's value. This doesn't seem to work for me.

$('#id_phone').change(function() {
    var myPattern = new RegExp(^0\(5\d{2}\) \d{3} \d{2} \d{2}$);
    var myStr = $("#id_phone").val();
    if ( myStr.match(myPattern) ){

What can be the problem ?

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An example of the data you are trying to match would be very helpful in diagnosing the problem. –  zellio Mar 30 '10 at 8:47

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You need to put (^0\(5\d{2}\) \d{3} \d{2} \d{2}$) inside quotes, and also need to escape backslashes, if you are about to use RegExp, instead of / /

"^0\\(5\\d{2}\\) \\d{3} \\d{2} \\d{2}$" 

And myPattern.test(myStr) is more preferable than using .match, because .match return a array which you don't really need that.

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var myPattern = new RegExp("^0\(5\d{2}\) \d{3} \d{2} \d{2}$");

You should quote the pattern when using RegExp();

Also it's not a valid regexp because if you don't want to quote it, you should use the regexp construct. E.g.:

var myregex = /<some pattern here>/g
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