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I'm trying to populate a dropdown/select tag in cakephp,fortunately I was able to populate it with the values coming from my database, however it displays ALL. How can I limit the population to a specific ID?

To make things clear here's what I want to achieve:

form start
dropdown-contains only values that are associated with apples from the DB
form end

Currently here's how it looks like

form start
dropdown-contains all fruits values from the DB
form end

Here's my current code tnx any help/suggestions is very much appreciated


$fruits = $this->Model1->Model2->find('list', 
array('fields' => 
//'conditions' => array(''=>'')
$this->set('fruitsList', $fruits);


echo $this->Form->input('Model1.salad_fruits_id', 
array('type' => 'select', 
'options' => $fruitsList,
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If you have association between models between models it would be easier. Just add conditions to second model.

//if you don't have association between models
            'belongsTo' => array( //example binding
                'Model2' => array(
                    'className' => 'Model2',
                    'foreignKey' => 'model2_id',
        $fruits = $this->Model1->find('list', array(
            'conditions' => array(
                'Model2.name' => 'apple'
            'fields' => array(
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