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I have a confusion about the system call. In X86, System Call uses eax to pass the system call number to kernel.

But what does it uses to pass the parameters to kernel, at some place I am seeing it uses stack and at few places it says, it uses EBX, ECX, etc registers.

So can someone confirm which one is correct ?

Fore reference : this link says it uses stack.

And this link says it uses registers.

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Both the link tells that the parameters are passed through registers like EBX, ECX, etc to the kernel space from the user space.

In the first reference page : 35/352, System Call Implementation/wrappers task 1st point, it is given that

the parameters available in the user stack are moved to the processor registers and then this registers are used to pass parameters of the syscall to the kernel space.

i think you must be confused after seeing the word stack on the System Call Implementation page of the 1st reference.

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