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What steps should I follow to upgrade a Ruby project from 1.8.6 to 1.8.7?

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It should be mostly seamless, since it was mostly compatible changes to the api.

Still, check out the list of incompatibilities

If you start using the new methods offered by 1.8.7 (or newer!) but would like to remain compatible with 1.8.6, checkout my backports gem.

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There are just method add in ruby 1.8.7 in compare to ruby 1.8.6. So if it's works with 1.8.6 it's works in ruby 1.8.7 too.

But if you are a great test suite, launch it and see if all works.

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It's a point release. You shouldn't have to do anything.

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Famous last words. and search on "Compatibility issues". The Date.parse change is pretty epic in potential confusion. – JUST MY correct OPINION Mar 30 '10 at 10:07

hey, read this

it takes you through the installation and setup of Ruby Version Manager - which makes it really easy to switch between different versions of ruby in linux (and mac I think) - if you are on windows, then use this, it's called pik

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