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using \Zend\Barcode (ZF 2.3.1) I'm not able to produce a readable barcode.
I've attached the picture generated (inside a PDF) by Zend Framework's tool. generated barcode

The original text was 00000001C and the factory is code39. I've tried with code128 but same problem.
For some reason, my Motorola LS2208 can not recognize this barcode. The specs of this scanner tells it should !

An other strange thing is all "code 39" or "code 128" generated on http://www.barcoding.com/upc/ are different from the ones produced by ZF.

I'm quite new to barcode generation and I just don't have any clue of what are the possible reason of this to fails. Can someone bring me some light here ?
Is the generated barcode correct, at least ?
The ZF documentation about specific renderers is very light...

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OK, I finally found an answer to this.
First, I was generating barcodes with a width of 2cm.
This is really too tiny for 9 characters using the code 39 symbols.

The screenshot I've taken was made zooming on the PDF ; it shows a code where vertical bars were overlapping themselves.

Basically the solution is : NEVER EVER provide a 'factor' value lower than 1 to BarcodeZF::factory(), because this is what have makes bars overlap.

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in order to make this post useful for people, I changed the question title, from "Reading \Zend\Barcode with Motorola LS2208" to "\Zend\Barcode generates wrong barcodes", as LS2208 isn't even involve in my problem. – Stopi Aug 24 '14 at 12:39

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