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On Google App Engine to query the data store with Python, one can use GQL or Entity.all() and then filter it. So for example these are equivalent

gql = "SELECT * FROM User WHERE age >= 18"


query = User.all()
query.filter("age >=", 18)

Now, it's also possible to query things by key name. I know that in GQL you do it like this

gql = "SELECT * FROM User WHERE __key__ >= Key('User', 'abc')"

But how would you now use filter to do the same?

query = User.all()
query.filter("__key__ >=", ?????)
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from google.appengine.api.datastore import Key
query.filter("__key__ >=", Key.from_path('User', 'abc'))
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For me a similar way worked, while the "from_path" function did not worked in my case, this one did:

from google.appengine.api.datastore import Key

key = Key(your_string_with_key)
query.filter("__key__ = ", key)
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