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My requirement is to increase the Detail band height dynamically when the text field has more data. Are there any settings to increase to it?
I am using one textField in the Detail band when it has more information (words), it is displaying only some information.

i.e the words are being cut off. Depending on the detail band height the words are displaying. I would like to increase the band height dynamically when the text field has more data.

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First select your field and set following properties (third one is most important):

  1. Position type: float
  2. Stretch type: relative to tallest object
  3. Stretch with overflow: true (checked)
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why it is not marked as answer? – Madhu Sep 24 '15 at 6:22

Try setting the text field and surround object to Position Type Float in the object's properties.

This should let the report expand as the text field grows.

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