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I looking for a way to annotate my bars in a Pandas bar plot with the values (rounded) in my DataFrame.

>>> df=pd.DataFrame({'A':np.random.rand(2),'B':np.random.rand(2)},index=['value1','value2'] )         
>>> df
                 A         B
  value1  0.440922  0.911800
  value2  0.588242  0.797366

I would like to get something like this:

bar plot annotation example

I tried with this, but the annotations are all centered on the xthicks:

>>> ax = df.plot(kind='bar') 
>>> for idx, label in enumerate(list(df.index)): 
        for acc in df.columns:
            value = np.round(df.ix[idx][acc],decimals=2)
                        (idx, value),
                         xytext=(0, 15), 
                         textcoords='offset points')
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Tom nailed it, but I've got a more complex solution here:… – Paul H Aug 22 '14 at 14:21

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You get it directly from the axes' patches:

In [35]: for p in ax.patches:
    ax.annotate(str(p.get_height()), (p.get_x() * 1.005, p.get_height() * 1.005))

You'll want to tweak the string formatting and the offsets to get things centered, maybe use the width from p.get_width(), but that should get you started. May not worked with stacked barplots unless you track the offsets somewhere.

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Thanks @TomAugsPurger, the following worked: for p in ax.patches: ax.annotate(np.round(p.get_height(),decimals=2), (p.get_x()+p.get_width()/2., p.get_height()), ha='center', va='center', xytext=(0, 10), textcoords='offset points') – leroygr Aug 22 '14 at 14:34
Another question: how would you handle bars with negative values? With the code above, the labels are always with positive coordinates, even if the bar value is negative. – leroygr Aug 22 '14 at 15:05
Hmm, you'd think there would be an easy way. I bet there is, but you could use np.sign(df) (which will be 1 or -1) and multiply that by the label location. Seems too complicated though. – TomAugspurger Aug 22 '14 at 15:22
Is there a similar solution for horizontal bars: kind=barh? – Nicolas Oct 5 at 15:42

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