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I need to setup a CI environment (multiple build agents) which builds webapps and deploys it to a Weblogic server.

With weblogic 10.3 it was easy to use org.codehaus.mojo:weblogic-maven-plugin. I could get weblogic related jars easily from weblogic installation and do soemthing like



I dont know how to do this with Weblogic 12c.

I looked into some alternatives com.oracle.weblogic:wls-maven-plugin which requires a local weblogic installment, I cannot install weblogic on all by build agents.

According to this document one can use com.oracle.weblogic:weblogic-maven-plugin but this also has dependencies on 100+ jars from weblogic deployment. It would rather not move all those jars to my repo.

Any easily portable solution to this problem will be greatly appreciated.

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