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I am building a website using Java and Glassfish 4 and have run into a problem implementing a download servlet. The files to be downloaded are not available publicly so I have been copying them to the servlet response writer/stream. The problem is with a ~1.5 MB CSV file, it stops anywhere from 70KB to 600 KB with the last several lines ending up as gibberish like, 7/10/2ã≠ô›é„ ÖÔW⁄7©:∂1yˇ€$@∆'≥ï*qìØ•¯¯ÿ8ĸ"‹ê7 Ø9Ú 32πb‚w.K(KzE˜ˆˇƒ/Ñ/Çı'Íéá˝ÀÂe\B(Ì(8€√flÀÒE6Í›⁄6SV t8&øÅˇöÿïáyDá.

What I have tried so far mainly with these headers:

response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\""+fileName+"\"");
  1. Buffered Reader, line by line write to the response output stream.
  2. Buffered Reader, line by line write to string. Write String to response output writer.
  3. File Input Stream reading a buffer of various side and writing to the response output stream.
  4. Apache Commons IO FileUtils copyFile to response output stream.

Each of these had more or less the same result, a valid and correct file until at some random point the last lines were nonsense and the files are always smaller/missing data from the original.

To test I copied the file to a local directory using Apache FileUtils and the file was correct and complete.

To test I also tried the methods I listed with small(<40 KB) CSV files and they completely downloaded the file as long as it was that small.

I am really not sure what the problem is but I am beginning to think that there is some sort of Glassfish configuration issue that may be limiting download sizes?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Show the complete code of how you pass it into stream. From where do you read file initially? –  win_wave Aug 25 at 7:44

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