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Does any one manage to run the following sample found in git hub?

aws-sdk-ios-samples / DynamoDBSample /

It runs but id doesn't actually create any table when I go back to my aws DynamoDb Console and check.

I believe this sample is unnecessarily complicated. can some one post a simple insert operation to add a one row record to an existing table from objective-C?

I tried one ducmentation also and it have a compiler error for DynamoDBGetItemRequest I am using awsiossdk v2

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Why would one want to directly access a database from a distributed client application like that without an intervening web service anyway? Doing so would be a huge security risk. –  Mike Brant Aug 22 at 20:40
That is the recommendation I get from one of aws documentations. And it made sense to me too. Since they have their own security feature in place. It wouldn't be cost effective to run a server instance and also a DB. I will eventually use a server instance for certain business logic that is unique to the application. But other than that if it is a simple read and write it is better to access it directly. –  shebelaw Aug 22 at 21:07
Yes but to do it this way you would need to either create a specific IAM profile for each application user and inject their IAM credentials dynamically at runtime, or you would need to expose a single set of hard-coded account credentials in your application distribution. If somebody wants to crack your app they would then have your credentials. –  Mike Brant Aug 22 at 21:10
Right, it depends also how badly one want to crack it, it is good to know pros and cons a head of time. One can make a decision weather security or cost deepening the kind of service they provide. Though I hope soon, one will answer my question above. –  shebelaw Aug 22 at 21:27
You may be using different regions on your sample app and AWS Management Console. Currently, the sample uses AWSRegionUSEast1 by default. On your AWS Management Console, what region are you looking at? –  Yosuke Matsuda Aug 25 at 22:21

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Got it working. The issue was on permission. I have created an identityPool then create a role and give this role a permission to the pool. So even though it can authenticate and access the pool but it didn't have a permission to the DynamoDB.

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