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In rails I have DateTime object as:

2014-08-21 18:14:12 UTC

I want to display it as:


I can hack this as follows:

"2014-08-21 18:14:12 UTC".to_s.sub(/(\d*)(-)(\d*-\d*)/, '\3\2\1').first(10)

But I prefer the proper Rails/ Ruby way and not having to convert the Date object to a string. Thanks!

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See DateTime#strftime. –  minitech Aug 22 '14 at 19:35
strftime.net is also a good reference –  dax Aug 22 '14 at 19:37

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See DateTime#strftime:

> DateTime.now.strftime '%m-%d-%Y'
=> "08-22-2014"

And please, please, please don’t use that format, unless you have no choice. Hyphens should only be used for the Y-m-d format. Use slashes or dots if possible. (Even better, use Y-m-d!)

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Just use strftime to get various formats of date & time.

 > DateTime.now.strftime("%m-%d-%Y")

 => "08-23-2014"

Read more about strftime

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