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Does anyone have any idea what this jQuery selector will do?

object.find('td:eq(1) div div');

I know that the td:eq(1) will get the 2nd td element in the object, but what will the 2 div's referenced at the end of the selector do?

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This first part finds the 2nd <td> overall in the object, not per-row (for that you want :nth-child). The div div part finds divs 2 levels deep inside the selector.

Here's a matching example of object.find('td:eq(1) div div');

     <span> <!-- Or any wrappers, etc -->
       <div>Found me!</div>
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It finds the second table cell in a row (I think it's 0-based), and then a div inside a div inside that cell.

So like:

    Not me
    <div class='parent'>
      <div class='child'>
        This stuff here!
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+1, it is zero-based. – Andy E Mar 30 '10 at 13:35
Don't forget that the div does not need to be directly under the parent div and also that it will match every div that has a parent of another div and the second table cell. The difference between and threw me at first. – Mark Mar 30 '10 at 13:39
Yes indeed, that's true; I hadn't had any coffee yet so there was only so much typing I was willing to do :-) – Pointy Mar 30 '10 at 14:08

As a side-note, you should generally avoid the non-standard jQuery selectors.

When you use only standard CSS selectors, jQuery can pass the selector work off to the fast built-in querySelectorAll function of modern browsers, but when you use :eq it has to go through the relatively slow native-JavaScript Sizzle selector library.

So you might prefer to spell it:

object.find('td').eq(1).find('div div');
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what will the 2 div's referenced at the end of the selector do?

Find a div inside of a div. (same as the css selector)

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