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Right now I am using the following code to place a navigation pane at the bottom of my website, but it is showing a line at the top of the page:

--CSS (Internal)--

       background: url('images/bindingdark_small.png') repeat-x bottom left;

<body class="main">
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Is there something in your body (or your CSS) that would give it any height? As it stands, your body will be empty, and that "line" is a few pixels of your repeating image across whatever padding/etc. is in the empty body. – Paul Roub Aug 22 '14 at 21:22
Can you provide us a link? Maybe the background-image in not big enought. Try to add 'background-size: auto 100%;' – Kharchi Aug 22 '14 at 21:29

I think 2 things could be happening:

  1. Like Paul Roub said in the comments, if your body.main is empty then your line is the result of your image repeating itself.
  2. Maybe you need to add some padding-top in order to increase the heigh of your background. Add some padding to it and test if it results in the way you are expecting to be.

I hope this helps.

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The reason why is it showing at the top of your page is because your page is actually empty. Check the height value of your body element. Its height: 0px;.

Fill the content on your page, or add static value to your body, eg.:

body {
    height: 1000px

Not sure if you will like this solution. But i have a better idea. For example - add a footer tag inside body, and declare following values:

footer {
    background: url('images/bindingdark_small.png') repeat-x bottom left;

It will stick to the bottom of the page regardless of your content and body height. Hope it helps.

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