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I'm using CakePHP and Backbone.js as a frontend so I want to get CakePHP's REST routing working, but I don't really want to use the default REST routes.

For example, I want to be able to POST to http://example.com/cards/search.json and get a list of results in JSON, however I am getting a 200 status code back, and a blank response which makes me think the routing is not working properly.

I have tested my code using the default REST routes by chagning the search() method of my controller to add(), but I would prefer to be able to properly setup and use custom REST routes.

        "[method]" => "POST",
        "controller" => "cards",
        "action" => "search"            

The code from my routes.php is above and I'm not entirely sure why it isn't working...either because the documentation on this is a little light, or I just don't understand routing very well.

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You can get the json output in this url:

http://localhost:{port}/{api* name in config @ app/core}/{controller name}/{things after api_ in function name}/{input parameters}.json

read more in here

You may have to alter the routing to change the name api to anything in

Configure::write('Routing.prefixes', array('master', 'api'));

in core.php in app/config Feel free for a comment and also share your core.php in config for more explanation.

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Thanks for the reply Gunner, I'm still a bit confused though. I dont have any Routing.Prefixes setup in my core.php file, the URL I list in my question looks like it should work based on the format you gave http://sample.com/cards/search.json, and the data being sent via POST I'm working with the search() action in cards controller. –  Bizarro181 Aug 25 at 15:26
update code when its ready –  Momin Al Aziz Aug 26 at 4:09

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