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can anyone here recommend a headless browser library for elixir? I need a headless browser to execute some JS code. I know about PhantomJS but how to launch it from Elixir code?

Cheerio, Chris

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There is a library named Hound: https://github.com/HashNuke/hound

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I like the approach of hound BUT I have lot of issues to fire a request via hound. The major issue is: even the built-in tests fail running mix test on 0.15.0 as well as 0.15.1 :( –  ctp Aug 23 at 22:39
You should open up an issue there. Maybe the author did not have the time to update to latest Elixir or something. –  José Valim Aug 23 at 22:59
Sorry, have forgotten to mention that. I opened a new issue at github.com/HashNuke/hound/issues/23. I even tried to understand the error message but somehow ... :) –  ctp Aug 23 at 23:03

There's also Webdriver: https://github.com/stuart/elixir-webdriver and Tuco Tuco (capybara like) https://github.com/stuart/tuco_tuco

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