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Here is code that doesn't work, but might sum up the gist of what I'm doing.

REDIS.multi do
  posts = REDIS.lrange(feed_network_key, 0, -1)
  post_to_remove = posts.select do |jsonified_post|
    post = JSON.parse(jsonified_post)
    post[:post][:external_id] == self.external_id

  REDIS.lrem(feed_network_key, 1, post_to_remove)

So, I need to remove a post in a list, but I can't just use #lrem because the contents may have changed by then.

The goal: Use #lrange to get all the posts, immediately find the post through a unique token and remove it before anyone could change it.

The top doesn't work because in multi blocks I can't simply run a Ruby query. How would I query and figure out the correct post, then delete it?

Edit: I've thought about using #watch, but apparently you could only watch keys, and my keys hold complex data, most of which is not relevant to the post in question. (Namely, I don't want to deal with watching all of the posts just to ensure the deletion of one of them. That being said, if the solution or a solution in mind requires it, I'd like to see).

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