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{% for item in list %}
        <div class="todo_item">
            <span class="hidden_id">{{ item.id }}</span>
            <div class="item_title"> {{item.title}}</div>
            <div class="item_tooltip">date {{item.dateCreated}}</div>
            <div class="item_tooltip">{{ item|json_encode }}</div>
        {% endfor %}

The {{ item|json_encode }} output is :


The {{item.dateCreated}} displays [object Object].

And I use {{ item.id }}, not the {{ item._id }} because of the [object Object] output.

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Your {{item.dateCreated}} is a Date object, I'm assuming... which is why it's showing as [object Object]. If you want to format it as a date, there's a date filter for this exact purpose: http://paularmstrong.github.io/swig/docs/filters/#date

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Yes, this is better way to make it. Thanks –  RaShe Aug 24 at 11:12

I should use "safe"


<div class="item_tooltip">date {{item.dateCreated | safe}}</div>
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