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Warning: I am an IIS/ASP/Razor newb. I am using VS2013.

I have a solution with 2 web projects, let's call then Main and Methods. Main is a Razor MVC project, and Methods is just a generic web project. Methods references Main. I am attempting to add and use connection strings to the web.config file for Methods.

However, when I attempt to access the strings in a function, they are not available. I have discovered that this is probably because the web.config file that is being loaded is the one for the Main project, instead of Methods (according to AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile).

Why might this be?

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This is because Main is the program that runs - so its the web.config that gets loaded. I suspect you may have the projects setup slightly wrong...

Do you need two web projects? Would Methods ever be run independently from Main - if not make Methods a Class Library, keep all your config in the web.config of Main. You will be able to reference all the config from either project (as Methods would be hosted in Main)

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