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I am developing an application using phalcon php and Mongo DB. I want to select post_type = 'page' from the following document

   "_id" : ObjectId("53f896db461584542200002b"),
   "post_con" : {
      "post_date" : "12-05-14",
      "post_title" : "Test",
      "post_content" : "test content",
      "post_category" : "test cat",
      "post_type" : "page",
      "post_status" : "published",
      "post_modified" : "12-05-14"
   "comment_status" : "open",
   "link_code" : "test-page",
   "seo" : {
      "meta_desc" : "test desc",
      "meta_key" : "test key"
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What have you tried? This seems like a basic query that should be covered in the Phalcon documentation. Since post_type is an embedded document, you need to use dot notation to reference the field name (eg. "post_con.post_type"). –  Stennie Aug 25 '14 at 16:00
Thanks for your help. I got he answer –  anishpsla Aug 26 '14 at 5:01

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For those who are searching for the same, here is the full code.

$post = Posts::find(array(
            'conditions'=>array('post_con.post_type'=>'blog') ));

    $this->view->postlist = $post; 

And in view,

{% for posts in postlist %}

{{ posts.post_con['post_title'] }}
{{ posts.post_con['post_content'] }} 

{% endfor  %}

Hoe this will help for someone.

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