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When I set leading to 0 with Verdana (and others to) for a Flex TextArea I get strange results:

fontsize -> space between baselines

 8 -> 10  (125%)
10 -> 12  (120%)
12 -> 14  (117%)
14 -> 17  (121%)
16 -> 18  (113%)
18 -> 22  (122%)
20 -> 25  (125%)
25 -> 31  (124%)

Shouldn't all of these be the same (should only be 100%)? Or least follow a pattern, because I can't se any. :(

When I set leading to 0, the space between my baselines should be the same as the font size/height. This is not the case here.

How do I know how to get the space between the baseline to be equal to the height of the font?

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Flash/Flex is notoriously bad with text... you might have more control if you move to FP 10 and look into the text layout engine? labs.adobe.com/technologies/textlayout –  quoo Mar 30 '10 at 17:42
thanks, I saw that Flex 4.0 included the new text engine so I'll be using that now.. –  Andreas Mar 31 '10 at 6:07

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Did you try line-height?

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I migrated the project to Flex 4.0 (should have said that I was using 3.5) and use lineHeight instead, where I get the expected results. Thanks for your replies!

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