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I'm implementing custom authentication in Google Cloud Endpoints for an Android app. To do so, I'm sending an auth token in an HTTP header. From Android:

private static final String HEADER_AUTH_TOKEN = "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION";

private GoogleClientRequestInitializer requestInitializer =
    new GoogleClientRequestInitializer() {

   public void initialize(AbstractGoogleClientRequest<?> request) throws IOException {
      HttpHeaders headers = request.getRequestHeaders();
      if (authPrefs.authToken().exists()) {
          headers.set(HEADER_AUTH_TOKEN, authPrefs.authToken().get().toString());

Api.Builder apiBuilder = new Api.Builder(
    new GsonFactory(),

return apiBuilder.setApplicationName(APPLICATION_NAME)

Then in Python I'm trying to retrieve the auth token header:

import os
auth_token = os.getenv('HTTP_AUTHORIZATION')

auth_token is None. What am I missing?

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It turns out "HTTP_" was being prepended to any HTTP header sent. HTTP_AUTHORIZATION was being sent as "HTTP_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION".

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