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When I try to allocate a Texture2D the app just crashes. I've stepped through the code where the crash occurs... all I can tell is "EXC BAD ACCESS". Here is the line in the app delegate that makes it crash:

_textures[myTex] = [[Texture2D alloc] initWithImage: [UIImage imageNamed:@"sometex.png"]];

sometex.png has been added to the resources folder via "add existing files". I've was able to load this png just fine in some sample code... but now when I try to duplicate the functionality of the sample code it just crashes. Any ideas?

Also I can do the following just fine:

_textField = [[UITextField alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(60, 214, 200, 30)];
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Is "sometex.png" in your resources? If you right-click on the .app that Xcode creates and select "Show Package Contents", do you see it there? It sounds like it's not being bundled with your app at build time.

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Looks like the program can't find "sometex.png". When I replace "sometex.png" with the entire path"users/ blah blah /sometex.png" the crash doesn't happen.

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theres somethign about objective c that makes me want to carve out my eyes –  Shawn Oct 31 '08 at 19:52
I can't think of anything... oh wait. –  MrDatabase Oct 31 '08 at 19:54

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