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I'm trying to convert XML files to YAML using Python 3.3. This is my code:

#! /etc/python3

test_filename_input = './reference-conversions/wikipedia-example.xml'
test_filename_output = 'wikipedia-example_xml_read-as-binary.yaml'

file_object = open( test_filename_input, 'rb')
data_in =

from xml.dom.minidom import parseString
document_object = parseString( data_in)

import yaml
stream = open( test_filename_output, 'w')
yaml.dump( document_object, stream)

As a reference I used the XML-file from here:

    <streetAddress>21 2nd Street</streetAddress>
    <city>New York</city>
    <phoneNumber type="home">212 555-1234</phoneNumber>
    <phoneNumber type="fax">646 555-4567</phoneNumber>

which should result in something like this:

  firstName: John
  lastName: Smith
  age: 25
        streetAddress: 21 2nd Street
        city: New York
        state: NY
        postalCode: 10021

            type: home
            number: 212 555-1234
            type: fax
            number: 646 555-4567
        type: male

However, the result is:

&id001 !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minidom.Document
state: !!python/tuple
- implementation: !!python/object:xml.dom.minidom.DOMImplementation {}
- _elem_info: {}
  _id_cache: {}
  _id_search_stack: null
  childNodes: !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minicompat.NodeList
    - &id039 !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minidom.Element
      state: !!python/tuple
      - null
      - _attrs: null
        _attrsNS: null
        childNodes: !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minicompat.NodeList
          - &id045 !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minidom.Text
            state: !!python/tuple
            - null
            - _data: "\n  "
              nextSibling: &id002 !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minidom.Element
                state: !!python/tuple
                - null
                - _attrs: null
                  _attrsNS: null
                  childNodes: !!python/object/new:xml.dom.minicompat.NodeList

Any idea, how to get PyYAML filter out the object-stuff from xml.dom.minidom or any alternative to using xml.dom.minidom?


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XML is far more flexible and general than YAML, meaning that a lot of XML doesn't have a natural YAML equivalent. If you want a nice mapping for a specific case where there is an equivalence, you'll have to define and implement it yourself. – delnan Aug 23 '14 at 22:46

I found an XML to YAML converter, but I had to make a minor change at about line 92:

outStr = yaml.dump(out)

changed to

outStr = yaml.safe_dump(out)

which removes any !!python/unicode tags in the output. I have tested the script via shell command line and it works fine; I'm sure it's just a simple translation to get it to work within the Python command line.


I also added my own printing method to make the output look more like what you posted originally:

def prettyPrint(node, level):
childPrint = 0
attrPrint = 0

for x in node:
        if x['attributes']:
            attrPrint = 1

            for l in range(0, level):

            for a in x['attributes']:
                sys.stdout.write("- %s: %s\n" % (a, x['attributes'][a]))

    except KeyError:
            if x['children']:
                childPrint = 1

                for l in range(0, level):

                sys.stdout.write("%s:\n" % x['name'])
                prettyPrint(x['children'], level+1)

        except KeyError:

        if not childPrint:
            printNextNode(x, level, attrPrint)
            attrPrint = 0

            childPrint = 0

def printNextNode(node, level, attrPrint):
    for l in range(0, level):

    if attrPrint:
        sys.stdout.write('  ')

    sys.stdout.write("%s: %s\n" % (node['name'], node['text']))

This is then called within the convertXml2Yaml function:

sys.stdout.write('%s:\n' % out['name'])
prettyPrint(out['children'], 1)
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This is a strange suggestion; tabs are not valid in YAML but prettyprint explicitly uses them. – jrodman Feb 26 '15 at 8:11
Incidentally I started to try to write a more generic version of this and discovered a couple of things. Modern pyyaml returns a dict, so the yaml2xml implementation of the script doesn't work. Additionally python dicts of course cannot contain repetition and are not ordered, so cannot represent a lot of Yaml faithfully. sigh – jrodman Feb 26 '15 at 9:00

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