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i have a query as below

  AND  PEO_YEARMONTH='2014/07'

when i am running for yearmonth 2014/06. it is able to fetch data. But when i run for 2014/07, then it is not able to fetch data. the combination of GIN and yearmonth data is present in both tables. On column act_yearmonth, peo_yearmonth are partitioned columns. What is the reason the while sql is not fetching the data?

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The obvious conclusion is that the combination is not in the table. If you think differently, you can put up an example on SQL Fiddle. –  Gordon Linoff Aug 24 at 3:52
i saw combination(yearmonth and GIN) is present in both tables. that is my strange thinking. –  user1468031 Aug 24 at 3:58
Try PEO_YEARMONTH LIKE '2014/07%' perhaps? Please use table aliases as we have no idea which table holds which field, and do use ANSI join syntax. Otherwise it's pretty clear '2014/07' does not exists in both. –  Used_By_Already Aug 24 at 4:20
In table people, though i have 150000 records, under partition tab, it says 0 records for yearmonth 2014/07. What does that mean? –  user1468031 Aug 24 at 4:30
@user1468031 - Not knowing what tool you're using or what "under partition tab" means in that particular tool, that result and the fact that your query isn't returning results strongly implies that there is no data in the table with that peo_yearmonth. Is peo_yearmonth a varchar2 column? Or is it a date? Or something else? –  Justin Cave Aug 24 at 5:29

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