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I have written a Python application that takes about 4 numbers from the user and does some calculations with it. The final result is displayed on a matplotlib graph. Now, I would like to take this application and put it on a web site. I want to have users sign up for a yearly subscription, do their calculations and print the results to a PDF to be saved on their computer. Because I know Python (but just a beginner at that), I tried to learn Django, but I hit many road blocks with Python version management, getting bunch of error messages that I could not debug. My question to you is what current tools and programming language would you recommend (Java, PHP, HTML, others). I am willing to learn and try anything. I'd rather be able to look at others' code to understand what they did and how they did. Thank you.

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Sounds like you are trying to build a large complex application before learning the basics. Python is fine for a server side language but you will need to get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript to pull pretty much anything of value off when it comes to the web. Take a look at sides like Team Treehouse, Code School or Code Academy. They all have great courses to give you some more knowledge around not only HTML, CSS and JS but how to leverage those technologies into a system like explained above. Good luck!

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Thanks, Mark. I will now check these out. – John V Aug 24 '14 at 4:30

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