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I would like to try programming genie, but I can't find neither source code for it nor any version control repository. Does anybody know where can it be found?

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It looks like the sources are all in the valagenie{parser,scanner,tokentype}.vala files at Gnome's git repo.

It makes sense that Genie's sources are in the vala tree because you have to use valac to compile Genie scripts. Without actually examining the source, I'm presuming that Genie just gets translated to Vala.

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Genie is really just an alternative syntax to Vala - so there is just a separate lexer and parser for Genie in the Vala compiler. (Translating Genie to Vala and then Vala to C would be silly.) –  Zifre Aug 29 '10 at 20:32

With Ubuntu 12.4 only type:

$ sudo apt-get install valac

After you could use some libreries like:

1) GTK+

$ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev

2) Dynamic listes

$ sudo apt-get install gee-1.0

3) Programation IDE: There is Valide too, but doesnt in repositories.

$ sudo apt-get install geany 

and more see in Valadoc.org

I you want to se some code: www.manualgenie.blogspot.com

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That's nice to know that somebody's also interested in this language. Muchas gracias! –  Alex Bolotov Jul 3 '12 at 16:29

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