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Is this safe to do? (does fgets terminate the buffer with null) or should I be setting the 20th byte to null after the call to fgets before i call clean.

// strip new lines
void clean(char *data)
    while (*data)
        if (*data == '\n' || *data == '\r') *data = '\0';

// for this, assume that the file contains 1 line no longer than 19 bytes
// buffer is freed elsewhere
char *load_latest_info(char *file)
    FILE *f;
    char *buffer = (char*) malloc(20);
    if (f = fopen(file, "r"))
        if (fgets(buffer, 20, f))
            return buffer;
    return NULL;
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Yes fgets() always properly null-terminates the buffer. From the man page:

The fgets() function reads at most one less than the number of characters specified by n from the given stream and stores them in the string s. Reading stops when a newline character is found, at end-of-file or error. The newline, if any, is retained. If any characters are read and there is no error, a '\0' character is appended to end the string.

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