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I need my DG's second column to have "Php" (Philippine Peso) which is the DG is bound in a table, and the field set to "Currency". I've tried a lot of Googling for this but they just don't work. Also something about the "CultureInfo" is really not clear to me. I just use this and have a dollar sign.

 DataGridView1.Columns(1).DefaultCellStyle.Format = "c"

Can someone teach me some possible ways how to have Php Currency?

I also tried this just in case a miracle happens lol.

  DataGridView1.Columns(1).DefaultCellStyle.Format = "fil-PH"

Any help and ideas greatly appreciated!


I transferred this project in my laptop and it successfully shows "Php". Maybe it has something to do with manufacturing history already.

Newbie coder here.

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First, you need the correct currency format which is uppercase C.

Me.DataGridView1.Columns(1).DefaultCellStyle.Format = "C"

Then you need the correct culture info:

Me.DataGridView1.Columns(1).DefaultCellStyle.FormatProvider = Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("en-PH")

You can also assign a thread specific culture info. See my answer in this post:

Questions on localization/globalization of Ctype & .ToString

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Wow it's that easy! I've been trying to solve this for 2 months now! Thanks a-many! And also for the reference! Cheers! :D –  Jason 8 Aug 24 at 11:34

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