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I am trying to curve the corners of the image inside the frame but I am unable to do it. I am using basic border-image property and using border-radius property to curve the corners. I do not know what I am doing wrong here. Please check the syntax:

<img src="http://blog.queensland.com/files/2013/08/Damien-Leze_WIDE_ANGLE_1.jpg"   class="frame">

and CSS code is:

border-image: url('http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/het-ionen-frame-van-het-water- 55454.jpg') 80 80 82 84 repeat repeat;
border-width: 60px;
height: 300px; width: 500px; 
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You need to set overflow:hidden to your frame. And add border-radius to your image. That's it

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Oh yeah, Thanks. I am new for this and it hard to understand most of the properties. Do you have any suggestion for a beginner like me? –  Gaurav Pandey Aug 24 at 11:51
Just play and enjoy by creating your own sample website/applications. –  Viswanath D Aug 24 at 11:54
Is your issue solved?? –  Viswanath D Aug 24 at 11:55
@GauravPandey if this is the answer of your choice, then please select this as the correct answer! –  Mary Melody Aug 24 at 11:56
Yeah, it worked for the left half, now trying to solve it for right side. I hope I can make it work soon. What are the best resources to learn it? –  Gaurav Pandey Aug 24 at 11:57

Add this to your css

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Target the img that is inside your div. For instance

<div class="container">
     <img src="imageurl.jpg" />

You can round the corners of the image with

.container img{


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I think it will not work. Actually, I am using border-image property and I want to use border-radius with it. –  Gaurav Pandey Aug 24 at 12:10
Have you tried it? Because the fiddle works just fine... –  dingo_d Aug 24 at 12:15
Yes, I have tried it but it is not working. <div><img src="blog.queensland.com/files/2013/08/…; And CSS code is: img{ border-image: url('thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/…) 80 80 82 84 repeat repeat; border-width: 60px; height: 300px; width: 500px; } div{border-radius:10px; overflow: hidden;} –  Gaurav Pandey Aug 24 at 12:32
It's not working because you want to round the container, but the same effect can be obtained if you just target the image that is in the container, as I did in my Fiddle ;) If you just want to round the container, then the above answer is the solution. –  dingo_d Aug 24 at 13:36

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