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What would be the settings to build and have accepted an universal app for both the iPad and iPhone?

That is, what would be the settings in Project X Info > Build for

  • Architectures [ARCHS] ("Standard(armv6)" or "Optimized(armv6 armv7)" or other)
  • Valid Architectures [VALID_ARCHS] ("armv6 armv7" or other)
  • Build Active Architecture Only (checked or unchecked)

and what would we select in the dropdown (Device - 3.2|Distribution|armv?) ?

We're either getting warnings at build time that we haven't built for armv7, or the app upload is rejected on account of

"The binary you uploaded was invalid. When supporting iPhone, the executable must include support for the armv6 architecture".

Thank you for your help.

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This site gives a good information how to make a universal binary.


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almost the same question, and I answered myself.

How to start a project with both outputs iPhone & iPad ?

maybe can help someone

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For Universal you want:

  • iPhone OS 3.1.x
  • Architectures to armv6 and armv7

For more details on the topic check the TUAW Dev Clinic. click on the play button to review the chat discutions of the dev clinic for ipad.

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