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I have a problem, a bit related to:

Contrary to him i would like to capture mouseevents on my program, while still retaining a "window" to whats behind my program. color.transparent doesnt work, and transparencykey just delivers mouse events to whatever is underneath. Using a panel with transparent backcolor or with a backcolor equal to transparencykey does not give the desired effect.

Plz help me :)

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If you need to capture the mouse events, and that's include the MouseClick, then simply use transparency, but don't set it to 0 set it to 1.

It will be transparent enough to see through, but because it's non-zero the mouse events will be processed the the front-most window.

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This makes any controls you might want to show on the form with transparency - also transparent. – Okuma.Scott Jun 8 at 20:51

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