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I've added some php flags in my htaccess in order to change some php config settings

as I dont have access to the .ini file

I'm wondering what effect that has on my website load speed,

is it slower?


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is it slower?

You tell me. Why don't you measure it? You could use the apache bench tool to see how making that change effects the number of requests per second you can do.

Chances are anything you do in your code is dramatically slower than a few .htaccess changes.

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The act of reading the .htaccess file is negligible. There shouldn't be any noticeable slowdown in that regard.

If you're noticing a slowdown, one of your settings changes probably did it.

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If there is any difference, I don't think it's noticeable enough to be worried. Reading the .htaccess file and setting a directive is very lightweight operation compared to the whole process of executing a PHP script.

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