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How can I reset the configuration parameter in VS2008 C++ I misconfigured my project

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How about reverting to the previous version in your version control system? If you dont have that, I'd consider making a new project file. –  user180326 Mar 30 '10 at 18:38
There's more than one parameter, about a hundred or so. Which one did you mess up? I saw your hello world code, why don't you just start again with a new project? –  Hans Passant Mar 30 '10 at 19:15

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Create a new project file.

Close your solution, go to the directory where your solution lives and delete the .vcproj file(s). You should also delete the .sln files, but if you have a very large solution with many projects and would find it unbearable to recreate all the projects, you can leave it intact.

Once the project file is deleted, you can construct a new one. Either create a new solution from scratch, or if you have kept your solution then do Add>NewProject. When you create a new project, you should select the option to create an Empty Project, so that it doesn't create any default source files for you.

Once you have created a blank project, you need to add your existing source code to the project. You can do this simply by doing Add>Existing Item... and selecting every source file.

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