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I am using Oracle database and run a query to find the number of rows and then insert it into a field (row_count) with a max field length of 9. How can I add leading 0's to the front of whatever number is returned in this query?

SQLExec("select count(*) from PS_Z_EXS_EMP_TBL", &row_count);

INSERT INTO sqltable VALUES &rowcount;

So if the count is 38485 I would want to insert '000038485'

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Oracle has the lpad() function:

INSERT INTO sqltable
    select lpad(&rowcount, 9, '0') from dual;

By the way, it is good practice to include the column list when doing an insert:

INSERT INTO sqltable(column)
    select lpad(&rowcount, 9, '0') from dual;
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