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I made the entry in android HAL as the libsensor for my light sensor.i can able to trace the input event is created from my linux sensor device driver to the android HAL layer and HAL accept this event.but framework is not accepted that event passing from the HAL. Eventhub listener is not able to accept that event. I made the entry in hardware/libsensors/

i got these messages through logcat: my sensor device name is lightsensor-S

keyCharacterMap='', builtinKeyboard=false, usingSuspendBlockIoctl=false, usingClockIoctl=false V/EventHub( 1919): Opening device: /dev/input/event1 V/EventHub( 1919): Created descriptor: raw=:0000:0000:name:lightsensor-S, cooked=b6ad06efcffe5d45c47c56d86291a5cf6ec98842

V/EventHub( 1919): add device 2: /dev/input/event1 V/EventHub( 1919): bus: 0000 V/EventHub( 1919): vendor 0000 V/EventHub( 1919): product 0000 V/EventHub( 1919): version 0000 V/EventHub( 1919): name: "lightsensor-S"

V/EventHub( 1919): location: "" V/EventHub( 1919): unique id: "" V/EventHub( 1919): descriptor: "b6ad06efcffe5d45c47c56d86291a5cf6ec98842" V/EventHub( 1919):
driver: v1.0.1

D/EventHub( 1919): No input device configuration file found for device 'lightsensor-S'. V/EventHub( 1919): Dropping device: id=2, path='/dev/input/event1', name='lightsensor-S' W/ResourceType( 1919): Failure getting entry for 0x7f060000 (t=5 e=0) in package 0 (error -75)

I/SystemServer( 1919): Accessibility Manager V/EventHub( 1919): wake() called

can someone suggest me where we have to create entry for our light sensor in HAL and android framework.

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