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I am developing an app for Windows 8.1

The App parses HTML codes, and displays the contents on RichTextBlock.

Anyway, I'm trying to display some texts with 'StrikeThrough' line. like shown below.


I searched through the web, but I just found that there is no native way to do that on WIndows 8.1

I tried the solution on 'StrikeThrough effect on a TextBlock', but I don't think this solution can display some texts which exceed the width of RichTextBlock (I need those texts to be displayed in new line.)

Also, I don't display texts on TextBlock directly,

In my app, texts are displayed like below

RichTextBlock - Paragraph - Run (Texts)

Is there any good solution for this problem? (The easiest way to display 'Strikeout texts' on RichTextBlock)

Thanks in advance.

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I think those people who reviewed my question did not even read this thread. I already mentioned the link to a similar question, but the answer in that thread didn't give a right solution. Anyway, some reviewers decided this thread as a duplicate question and gave me the link which I mentioned above. –  user3555952 Aug 26 '14 at 7:41

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