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I have the following string comming from server (as part of object):

SelectValues: "[{displayName: "Not selected", id: 0},{displayName: "Client", id: 1},{displayName: "Industry", id: 2},{displayName: "Country", id: 3}]"

I am using mapping pluging:

var ItemModel = function (data) {
    var self = this;

    ko.mapping.fromJS(data, {}, self);


As a result all items are created properly, except SelectValues. SelectValues should be observable array (each array item should have two properties id & displayName). Later I will use SelectValues for dropdown.

The problem is that it is returned as String and not as Array.

The question is whether I can somehow deal with it on client side (without changing format on server side)?

I probably can create SelectValuesComputed as ko.computed and somehow convert SelectValues to array (how?).

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Did you try parsing the string? using ko.utils.parseJSON(data)? –  Rahul Patil Aug 25 at 10:47

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First of all, this is invalid JSON string you have in your property, see documentation (property names should be in quotes). But, having the condition that you cannot change the server code, you can use eval function to get your object and then use it in mapping like this:

var ItemModel = function (data) {
    var self = this;   
    var mapping = {
        "SelectValues": {
            create: function(options){
                return ko.mapping.fromJS(eval(options.data));
    ko.mapping.fromJS(data, mapping, self);

See working demo. Although this might seem like the simpliest way to workaround the problem, I would strongly recommend you though to get a valid JSON string instead of using eval (or regexp) to get your object.

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What if I add " to properties? What would be difference with yoru code suggested above? –  renathy Aug 25 at 11:49
No, you still need the mapping to process your property, but then you would just use the following: return ko.mapping.fromJSON(options.data);. But currently it won't work because of invalid JSON. –  Ilya Luzyanin Aug 25 at 11:55
This is a bit out of scope - but how then to send this object back to server? Currently when I am doing ko.mapping.toJS it sends it correctly, but on server it converts it to null and not string (.NET)? –  renathy Aug 25 at 12:30
@renathy This is pretty ugly, but the only thing that comes to my mind is to keep your original value untouched, and use another observableArray for parsed items. See updated jsfiddle. –  Ilya Luzyanin Aug 25 at 13:01

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