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We use Delphi 5 on Windows in our school, and of course it's good to have at home, too. But since I have Ubuntu and I don't want to either use ancient software or pay hundreds of dollars I will have to use Lazarus (which seems to be pretty nice). But it has not the same compiler and maybe not the same libraries, so will the code written in Delphi 5 compile with Lazarus? How much are they compatible?

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Delphi 5 is 15 years old so I would say that almost everything in FPC runtime should be compatible. Lazarus LCL does a few things differently, so there you might need to do some modifications, but it depends on what you're doing. –  TLama Aug 25 at 11:07
What things are different for example? Like major differences in the api or in the language? –  Kapichu Aug 25 at 11:08
@Kapichu There will be too many to list here and and exhaustive list probably doesn't exist. Without almost any exception, it's probaly safe to say that nearly all of the differences will be things that Lazarus can do that Delphi 5 cannot. Even some things that would today be considered core basics in Delphi did not exist in Delphi 5 - one example is the StrUtils unit that provides basic utility functions for string manipulation. –  J... Aug 25 at 11:20
@J... So I can (mostly) consider Lazarus as a superset of Delphi? –  Kapichu Aug 25 at 11:56
@Kapichu Mostly, yes - a superset of Delphi 5, at least. Most anything you write in Delphi 5 will be seamless or trivial to port to Lazarus. The reverse is not true. –  J... Aug 25 at 12:13

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I belive it should just don't forget to use Delphi mode in Lazarus.

In "Project Options -> Compiler Options -> Parsing" select "Syntax mode" to "Delphi (-Mdelphi)"

Now if you will be automatically converting Delphi project into Lazarus one using menu "Tools -> Convert Delphi project to Lazarus project" Lazarus should automatically set Delphi mode.

Anywhay the only problems you might expirience is that some functions might have been moved to different units. This is mostly related that Delphi 7 with which Lazarus is compleetly compatible had some functions moved from one unit to another. So reading some old documentation about porting projects from Delphi 5 to Delphi 7 might come in handy.

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Can I also convert a Lazarus project to Delphi? –  Kapichu Aug 25 at 12:00
Not directly. The reason why Lazarus has ability to convert Delphi project into lazarus one is to atract as many Delphi developers into using it. And since Delphi is still most often used Objective Pascal development tool there is no interest in implementing such feature into Delphi. So I'm afraid you are out of luck on this. Anywhay I recomend you learn to code in such way that you split your core code from UI code (VCL). Why? Doing so you will increase the chances for your core code to be crosscompatible with both Delphi and Lazarus. This could also help you supporting multiple platforms. –  SilverWarior Aug 25 at 17:27
Object Pascal is not Objective Pascal. Free Pascal supports both though :-) –  Marco van de Voort Aug 26 at 21:02
@SilverWarior +1 for seperating UI logic between VCL code. –  Blobby Aug 28 at 11:38

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