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This link lists the supported Android devices that can cast their screen over a Chromecast dongle onto a bigger display. Why aren't other devices like Moto X or E present on the list (both on version 4.4.4 as per the requirement) ? I observed that the "Cast screen" option appears under Settings -> Display on these devices. But it doesnt work.

Are there any hardware requirements for any device to support screen casting?

Thanks in advance!

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Is your issue solved? Please don't forget to accept the answer which helped you most. – Xaver Kapeller Aug 25 '14 at 12:39

The Cast Screen feature is currently just in beta. Only a few select devices - like the Nexus 5 - are supported at this time, but this list will be expanded later on. Maybe at some point all Android devices will be supported.

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Thanks for your answer. But this [link] (…) says that "Wireless display" is disabled in Moto G due to some hardware limitations. As per the docs of Screen casting via Chromecast, "Wireless display" setting should be checked for it to work. I didnt really understand what actually are the hardware limitations. – prakash Aug 26 '14 at 6:52

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