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When I concatenate the following two unicode characters I see both but there is a space between them. Is there anyway to get rid of this space?

 StringBuilder  sb = new StringBuilder();
 int characterCode;
 characterCode = Convert.ToInt32("2758", 16);
 characterCode = Convert.ToInt32("25c4", 16);
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If you examine sb, you will see that it has Length of 2. There is no space between the characters.

I think the issue is that you wish the "on" pixels of the 2 characters were closer to each other so the 2 "characters" look more "next to" each other, no?

Edit: Like you said, you can see if those 2 characters look any "closer" to each other in a different font.

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You are correct, yes I would like them to appear closer together. But I guess it is just a font issue. – OutOFTouch Mar 30 '10 at 21:08

Would not

  var str = "\x2758\x25c4"


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While this is the "right" way, it doesn't address the OP's original issue that the two specific characters appear too far apart. – JeffH Mar 30 '10 at 21:01

There's no space, it's an artifact of your display font.

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Character U+2758 looks very wide in MS Gothic, but it's narrow in Arial Unicode MS. Try changing your font.

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