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I am trying to make the image title display at the same time the image appears, it currently appears right after the image does, using the :after option, code looks like this, Any ideas how I can make the title show up in sync with the image? Thank you! Copy code

     $(document).ready(function() {
              $('#home_gallery').before('<ul class="gallery-nav">').cycle({
                  fx:     'fade',
                  speed:  '1000',
                  timeout: 6000,
                  pager:  '.gallery-nav',
                  slideExpr: 'img',
                  after:   addTitle

           function addTitle() {
                  var name = $(this).attr('alt');

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Use before instead of after

$('#home_gallery').before('<ul class="gallery-nav">').cycle({
    before: addTitle

btw. addTitle can be optimized (removed unneeded variable declaration and unneeded jQuery wrapping)

function addTitle() {
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