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I followed the Pathogen way to install snipMate and I did include

:filetype plugin on

in .vimrc as the home page of snipMate plugin suggested.

Now when I type fr in a .tex file and press TAB nothing happens as expected.

I also tried this one but even that one did not work.

What am I missing? I am using vim 7.4 from 2013 Aug 10.

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What does :verbose imap <Tab> show? –  Ingo Karkat Aug 25 at 13:36
it shows ^V^I –  Gergely Aug 25 at 13:37
Then it's not properly installed (though I would have expected No mapping found). Check the output of :scriptnames for the snipMate files. –  Ingo Karkat Aug 25 at 13:39
what if verbose says now <F2>? –  Gergely Aug 25 at 13:42
scriptnames does list snipmate –  Gergely Aug 25 at 13:43

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The problem was that I blindly installed Pathogen with curl, but the link on that page was outdated. The proper link is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tpope/vim-pathogen/master/autoload/pathogen.vim. Also .vimrc should start with

execute pathogen#infect()

This solved the problem and now vim reacts to <TAB>.

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