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Since Rails is fully compliant with Rack I was wandering how I would set up a rackup file so that a Rails application is just a piece of middleware and then a request could hit another app further down the middleware stack.

What I really want is to use a Rails app to handle authentication and authorization for smaller rack-apps later on in the middleware stack, is this possible with Rails 3?

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In rack there's a distinction between middleware and an app. You can have a whole stack of middleware, but there's only one app at the end. So you can't do exactly what you are asking.

However, you can share middleware between a rails app and other rack apps. One example of good middleware for authentication is Warden.

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Under Rails 3 you have the option of routing to Rack apps from your Rails app.


You could write it such that your authentication/authorization rails app just defined some routes to your rack apps.

match "/app1" => RackApp1
match "/app2" => RackApp2
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Ryan is right. Here is a good video which explains Rack very well and has an example of exactly this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGGjQrgdg1s

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