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I use Tcl_CreateObjCommand to build a Tcl extension in C called libA.so, the C code call the function from an external C library called libext.so, where should I put libext.so, so that the tcl could find and load it when it load libA.so

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Where are you getting libext.so? Is it something you build or obtain elsewhere? –  n.m. Aug 25 at 15:51
it's a library I build –  user3450805 Aug 25 at 16:22
Hm. It appears there's no good place to put libext.so (apart from the standard place like /usr/lib). If you cannot, either (1) put it somewhere in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (not an ideal solution) or (2) put it somewhere at a known place and have Tcl package code dlopen it before it loads libA.so (you can use the dlopen tcl extension for that). –  n.m. Aug 25 at 17:23

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Use a package installer

If you have a package manager you should install tcl/tk with it.

sudo apt-get install tk

or you might want also tk-dev (which is sometimes called tk-devel):

sudo apt-get install tk tk-dev

Install manually

  • You can put so's manually in /usr/local (libraraies in /usr/local/lib/ and include files in /usr/local/include/), But remember to avoid installing them under /usr if you do have a packaging system.
  • There's also an option of putting them under your project directory, but you'll have to help the dynamic linker find them (using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ld.so.conf). Also, you'll have to update your project's include paths and library paths.
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