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i am trying to achieve a blur effect on an image in win8 store apps , when i developed for windows phone 8 i used nokia imaging sdk to achieve blur , and when i tried to use it in win8 store app it gave me errors like for example i cant use writablebitmap.saveJpeg and other and also i tried to use direct2d but every sample is written in c++
How can I blur an image in a Windows Store App for Windows 8.0?

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They don't like questions asking about tool recommendations on StackOverflow so I altered your question slightly to remove the request for recommendations. –  Filip Skakun Aug 25 at 19:50

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Direct2D is probably the best solution here. If you'd rather avoid C++ (I don't blame you) - you could try using SharpDX for that, though you likely won't be able to escape reading some C++ oriented documentation to achieve that. The easy way is to process the image on the CPU which you can do with WriteableBitmap and WriteableBitmapEx has a method to help you here. You'd probably need to call something like wb.Convolute(WriteableBitmapExtensions.KernelGaussianBlur3x3). Jeremiah Morrill wrote about his XamlFx Pixel Shaders library for XAML that you might try using as well. It's written in C++, but seems to be a WinRT component and so you can use it in a C# app.

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