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I have two 1D numpy arrays: x and y where x holds locations on the x-axis for my samples y. Assuming that x spans minX and maxX, I would like to sample both arrays at regular intervals, e.g. np.linspace(minX, maxX, 1000).

How can I do that in numpy? Can I perhaps solve this problem with 1D interpolation?

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np.interp performs 1D linear interpolation:

newx = np.linspace(minX, maxX, 1000)
newy = np.interp(newx, x, y)

Or, using scipy.interpolate.interp1d you can interpolate with splines. For example, kind='cubic' gives you third order spline interpolation:

import scipy.interpolate as interpolate
newx = np.linspace(minX, maxX, 1000)
newy = interpolate.interp1d(x, y, kind='cubic')(newx)
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