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Is there some way how to test css parameters (coming from css stylesheet) of some element? E.g. color of paragraph. Or background-color of div etc...

I know that selenium2 test framework can do this, but in Behat + Mink with selenium2 driver I cannot find a way how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you would need to use Selenium2 driver along with Behat and Mink + custom JS calls to verify specific styles. The below example (Behat 3) uses jQuery to assert that the div.myClass color property is as expected. It sends script to Selenium, which evaluates it and returns the result, which you can process in PHP as usual.


class MyContext extends RawMinkContext

     * @Then /^The div.myClass color should be black$/
    public function assertCssValue()

        // JS script that makes the CSS assertion in the browser.

        $script = <<<JS
                return $('div.myClass').css('color') === 'rgb(0, 0, 0)';

        if (!$this->getSession()->evaluateScript($script)) {
            throw new Exception();

You can easily extend this into a more generic instance that will do all different kinds of assertions, but most logic will be in JS.

Besides there are other CSS testing frameworks / alternatives like PhantomCSS, which in theory should work with PhantomJS via Selenium Driver and Mink. Google "css testing framework" for that…

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Hello, So many thanks, but in $script should be javascript without anonymous function. Here is more info: link –  DzeryCZ Aug 26 at 8:51
It can, but Mink would add return statement if it doesn't start with return which often break things. With that in mind you can either start yours with return or make it so it doesn't break when the return is added. Above seems the most elegant approach. –  Ian Bytchek Aug 26 at 8:58

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