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I use a php ajax script for uploading image in my site and it's don't has limit for upload image. I want a user can upload only for example 3 image. how can add this limit in my code? This is my php code for uploading image:

 if(isset($_POST) and $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "POST")
     $vpb_upload_image_directory = "uploads/";

  $vpb_allowed_extensions = array("gif", "jpg", "jpeg", "png");

foreach($_FILES as $file)
    /* Variables Declaration and Assignments */
    $vpb_image_filename = basename($file['name']);
    $vpb_image_tmp_name = $file['tmp_name'];;
    $vpb_file_extensions = pathinfo(strtolower($vpb_image_filename), PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

    //New file name
    $random_name_generated = time().rand(1234,9876).'.'.$vpb_file_extensions;

    if($vpb_image_filename == "") 
        //Browse for a photo that you wish to use
        if (in_array($vpb_file_extensions, $vpb_allowed_extensions)) 
            if(move_uploaded_file($vpb_image_tmp_name, $vpb_upload_image_directory.$random_name_generated)) 
                 //Display Uploaded Files 
                 $image .= '
                 <div class="vpb_wrapper" style="padding:10px;">
                 <img src="'.$vpb_upload_image_directory.$random_name_generated.'" class="vpb_image_style" />

                 //$image .= '<div class="vpb_wrapper" style="padding:10px; text-decoration:none;">'.$vpb_image_filename.' uploaded</div>';

            // Do not upload files which are not in the allowed file array

    //Display the files
    if($image != "") echo $image;
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$cnt++; if ($cnt > 3) { die("too many images"); }. –  Marc B Aug 25 at 21:40
thank you which line add your code? –  user3246727 Aug 25 at 21:43
You could create a temp folder where the images get uploaded to and then check how many files there are in there. -- stackoverflow.com/questions/12801370/… –  Tasos Aug 25 at 21:44

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In javascript, you can do something like this,

var ctr = 1;
    if(ctr < 3)
        $('#ulPhoto').append("<li><input type='file' name='file[]' onchange='loadPreview(this,"+ctr+")' id='photo"+ctr+"' /><br /><img id='img"+ctr+"' src='#' alt='' style='width:100px' /><input type='text' autocomplete='off' name='caption[]' id='caption"+ctr+"' placeholder='ID Number' /></li>");
      alert('Only 3 Images Allowed at a time');


<div id="photoUI" style="display:none; height: auto">
   <ul id="ulPhoto">
     <input type="file" name="file[]" id="photo0" />
     <br />
     <img id="img0" src="#" alt="" style="width:100px" />
     <input type="text" autocomplete="off" name="caption[]" onchange="loadPreview(this,0)" id="caption0" placeholder="Default ID Number" readonly disabled />
   <span id="add" style="cursor:pointer">Add More...</span>
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