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One of Delphi 2009's advertised features was PNG support. That's great, because the Unicode issues break the pngimage.pas library I was using before. Only problem is, I can't find the Delphi 2009 version. Anyone know what it's called, and how difficult it is to migrate existing pngimage.pas-based code to the new library?

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+1 Exactly what I was looking for – Willbill Dec 2 '09 at 15:59
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All VCL image support in Delphi is provided via TImage. If you want to display a PNG image, simply drop a TImage control and then load a PNG image into the Picture property.

If you want to manipulate a PNG image in code (i.e., not display it) then you can add


to your uses clause, and then use the TPNGImage class directly.

On my machine, PNGImage.pas is found at:

C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\6.0\source\Win32\vcl\Imaging\PNGImage\pngimage.pas

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you beat me to the punch nick! i was answering your e-mail! :-) mp – X-Ray Oct 31 '08 at 22:36
also TImageList supports PNG, you can load Png images into it, and use it in Toolbar or other controls. – Mohammed Nasman Nov 2 '08 at 8:31

You can read png images into a TImage control. Just like gif, jpg, emf, wmf, bmp.

Not sure if that's what you want.

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No. I'm not looking for anything VCL-related. I'm trying to load them into a game engine with its own blitter. D2009 broke my PNG library and I can't find the replacement it says it provides, and that bugs me. – Mason Wheeler Oct 31 '08 at 21:35
Just so someone won't misinterpret your comment here, my guess is that your subsequent acceptance of Nick's answer means that D2009 does indeed have the PNG support you expected. – Argalatyr Oct 31 '08 at 23:52
Yeah. He also pointed out where to find the base PNG library that's not dependent on the VCL. – Mason Wheeler Nov 2 '08 at 19:48

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